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How do individuals develop from infancy to very old age? Why do developmental pathways differ between individuals? What are the contributions of biology, social and historical contexts, and the developing individuals themselves? How can one characterize and promote positive development? These are some of the questions that developmental psychology seeks to answer.

The team of our department is committed to the tradition of lifespan psychology. We offer classes in Bachelor and Master programs that address basic and applied aspects of human development from conception to death. The lifespan approach also infuses our research agenda. Together with national and international cooperation partners, we investigate children, adolescents, and adults from various age groups, including very old age. Our research interests include, among others, the development of socio-emotional and self-regulatory processes. Findings from our studies have been published in numerous internationally renowned journals and books.


  • New publication in press: Riediger, M., & Bellingtier, J. (in press). Emotion regulation across the lifespan. The Oxford Handbook of Emotional Developmental, edited by D. Dukes, A. C. Samson, and E. Walle, Oxford University Press.
  • New publication in press: Riediger, M. & Blanke, E. S. (in press). Knowing what others think and feel: Empathic accuracy across adulthood. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology, 2.

Information on current regulations of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in the course of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) crisis is available here.de In the interest of reducing the contagion rate, our department is currently mainly working at home. Here you can find information on our teaching in the summer semester 2020.


Department of Developmental Psychology
Institute of Psychology
Am Steiger 3/1
07743 Jena
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You can find our laboratory here:
Center for Lifespan Developmental Science, Room 2nd Floor
Semmelweisstr. 12
07743 Jena
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